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Welcome to my website


My love for anything colour is what drives my art-making. 

My work is how I express myself and see the world around me.

On this website it is all about my paintings.

You can find my mosaic related art on my Mosaic site: 

A day to be remebered 42 x42 cm.jpg

Paintings for sale from the Netherlands
Only in September 

I've transported a collection of acrylic paintings to the Netherlands, primarily for the sake of convenience in shipping from here . To adapt to this situation, I've chosen to make these paintings available at discounted prices due to my restricted storage capacity for a sizeable inventory.

If you are not able to open the PDF here, you send me an email, I'll promptly provide you with the PDF with all paintings for sale so you can make your selection from the available options.

Open the PDF with the paintings for sale here 

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