My Journey


The way Karla lived her life is the way she approached her art.


Her love for anything color is what drives her art-making. 

Her new 20 by 20 mosaic series involves abstract painting and glass and her latest abstract paintings are again bright and colourful.


She likes the creative process of making the coloured abstract art the best, where she can let go of everything that clutters her mind, let go of certain rules and making space to explore the medium.  

Mixing colours and not knowing what is next is what she likes most. Her inspiration comes from everything around her. She says she sees colours, texture, patterns and shapes where ever she is. 

She can loose herself completely in this process by not worrying and not thinking too much of the next step and surprise herself with the outcome. 


The collection collages are her own paintings cut up in strips, re-arranged and mixed, creating a whole new artwork on its own.

These collages remind us of the mosaics and barrel-art pieces she created earlier.


Karla her work can be found in more than 15 countries around the globe in private and corporate collections. She has exhibited her work in the Netherlands, London, Switzerland and Italy as well as in South Africa and is featured in various mosaic and art books abroad.

Her mosaic website is