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Message from the hosting company :

Create Arts Online is thrilled to present award winning fine artist Karla Duterloo and her online course "Abstract Composition 1: Loosen Up and Paint." In this course Karla teaches and emphasizes how important it is to “let go” and “loosen up” while creating her techniques of abstract painting.

In this course you will learn how to create a proper composition, how to make a collage with ripped up newspaper, and how to paint with vibrant acrylic paints, crayons, and other mark-making pens and tools.

This course is so full of information, demonstrations, tips, techniques, and Karla's amazing teaching style. Scroll below to see the full curriculum of what Karla is teaching and demonstrating and then click the promotional video to see what new abstract composition painting styles you could learn!

There is a full PDF of all the tools, materials, and resources available with the course purchase.

Click here for the Abstract-compositions-loosen-up-and-paint

Click here for the Abstract-composition-and-collage-where-inspiration-comes-from

And then there is the bundle course


COURSE 1 :  Abstract compositions / Loosen up and paint

                   Composition and abstract painting exercises


Abstract compositions / Loosen up and paint 

Bundle courses in abstract painting, composition and inspiration.


Have you been looking into exploring abstract painting lately, or do you perhaps want to take this a step further and need some more renewed excitement.


Did you always feel like knowing a little more about compositions in your painting?


Would you perhaps like to discover how layers are build up and master mark-making  techniques in your pantings.


Or do you simply like to gain more confidence, get inspired and motivated again trough easy to follow guidance and exercises.


Do you find it important to determine your own style from scratch and find your own voice, so that your paintings become unique, while you starting to love the journey more and more.


And if you find pleasure in increasing your knowledge through guidance demonstration this could be your course.


In this video I teach you by example how to be set free from any limiting beliefs you might have and free yourself from fear of the white canvas. I teach you how to loosen up, let go of too many rules and thoughts and find your own unique style in painting. I show you how you should forget pressure as that there is no right or wrong. I show you this by example. 


I demonstrate how to build an easy underpainting, being as free and light hearted as possible.


This instructional painting course is filled with ideas, exercises and demonstrations.

You will learn in a playful way more about 10 different compositions as well as where you can look for inspiration for future paintings. 


In these exercises we work on small sample cards/papers/sketchbook  ( appr. 16 x 16 cm ) for you to keep as reference if you get stuck, but they also make great greeting cards. 

After the courses you have a fabulous collection of small paintings. The knowledge of the art works you create can be used in future larger paintings.


My “painting methods" and demonstrations are a guideline to get you started. Allow yourself to get inspired by me and find your own style. It is not about copying or a step by step technique. It is al about reconnecting with you authenticity and find your own voice. I will guide you through this process.


In course one I open with a hands on exercise in making the 10 compositions I choose to work with in a collage technique, which we then start painting. 

In course two we go a step further with our compositions. I give you insight about how to observe you surroundings by making photographs of compositions that we then capture on our camera or Phone. From there we paint again. This time we tackle different styles


Then there will be one more demonstration by me  in both courses where I use all elements from the exercises we did, into a painting on a larger format. 

I show you how I build up all the layers and how you can do that too, after I have talked you through this process.


I hope the course will enlighten you as well as encourage you into your future art making.

My wish is to share all this, with many of you.

Paintings from

COURSE 2   Abstract compositions  / Where do I get my inspiration from?    

                     Inspiration and abstract painting exercises 

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