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Intuitive painting and collage making


 by Karla Duterloo

Making a collage from your own abstract paintings and other paper materials 

No drawing or painting skills needed

Dates are in the making.


All levels welcome











Course description


Learn to paint intuitive using acrylic paint and markers.

A hands on course were we make a few abstract paintings and cut these up making collages.


Students will learn and understand 

Intuitive abstract painting

“Let go and enjoy’” the process of painting.

But also simple painting techniques for people that have never touched a brush.

Arrange painted strokes/pieces and coloured paper, creating a new artwork


Duration  09.00 until 12.30 

Date: Coming up soon

Price R 800  

Venue: Rust en Vrede Gallery

Wellington Rd. Durbanville


Cape Town

Inclusive tools and materials, only bring an apron.

Pictures of previous courses

More info and bookings


Workshop Cape Town_
Natural colors
Images of previous intuitive painting and collage courses 



More about the course

Intuitive painting and collage making.


This popular course is all about fun and let go, relax and enjoy the process rather than the outcome of your painting and play with paint.


Let your intuition do the work on the paper and connect with your creative side.

Unleash the artist in you and enjoy the process of creative freedom with paint and markers.


No painting  experience needed for the course and if you have painted before leave rules and techniques home.


Once we made 2 or 3 paintings and be surprised of what we came up with, we are going to cut the paintings up to assemble the pieces into a collage. For me that feels pretty much like making a mosaic.


We work on boards or paper ready to be framed when done and you are happy with the results. I guarantee you will be ..


If you like to see what is going on in my classes there are some images and videos on my website, to bring you in the mood


Here is the link


You do not have to bring anything to the class except an apron and a good mood ready to paint and explore.


Collage making is the same as making a mosaic in the sense of it is most likely very addictive.


But no worries a follow up course is in the making.


I am super looking forward to see you all be happily playing with paint and explore choosing the best parts of the painting to create a collage and make a work for you to take home.


More info and pictures on my website and if you need to know more please email me.

You can also email me to make a booking one for the course.

Durbanville course inpressions 

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