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The green and blue series is based on the counties and places I have lived in the past 30 years.

The hurricane related paintings bring back memories of Dominican Republic where we survived Hurricane George in 1998.

It was a devastating experience that still gives me goose bumps. After that we learned so much gratitude, for nature, water, electricity, family, essential services, donations,neighbours and the under privilege.

All other paintings represent the landscapes of South Africa. The bright yellow Granola fields in August and September after the drought of the summer and the green fields along the Garden route in winter.

They are all very special memories I wanted to share.

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Touch of life landscaping
Canola passing by
Canola field at Greyton
Tropical storm
Vibrant hurricane
Hurricane season
Mild wind during hurricane
Canola fields from the car
Tropical hurricane swirl
Category 4 hurricane
In the eye of the green
Watchfull green
Where to mow
Canola field at Greyton
Green green landscape
Canola passing by
Blue tumbs up
Where the sun shines over the fileds
Morning dew lawn
Green life
green earth
Grass gone wild
Green Goodness
Canola fields
Blue crush
True aqua
Pool blue
Passing in a rush
Clear spring