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Createartsonline weekend sale

This sale will end at midnight pacific time on Monday November 28th

This time of year is full of opportunities to buy things you need or not need. Specially this weekend. That is all good but if you are more into personal growth and like to learn new skills or get creatively inspired, beyond this time of year only, then I think you can invest in a nice course. Courses of all sorts are available online but If you are into abstract painting and composition, this might be a nice course for you. It is all about abstract painting, some composition exercises, lots of demos and lots of paintings along. The second painting course is all about where to find inspiration.

You can watch the video in the link to get in the mood to be creative making a paint in the December holiday.

The platform I host my online course ( Createartsonline) has a 3 day sale.

So if you like to have this courses ready to watch on your computer, you are more likely to follow it , now or in the holiday.

The promo code is Create15 . The discount is 15% off most courses.

When purchase click on the words "add coupon" and a box will appear and to enter the code CREATE15

For my interview and more course -details or to purchase the course follow this link :


Course 1

Course 2

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